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Kemenpera has its own budget to establish

Kemenpera has its own budget to establish a comfortable shelter and livable , the budget set by the government for each unit of the house is $ 10 million . Ministry of Housing is currently open Lowongn Work with the following qualifications :
No. Name Position Number Formation Education1 Pengevalusi housing finance activities S1 Management 22 Authors S1 Planning regional planning areas of the city , Environmental Engineering , Geography 33 Drafting the technical plan S1 Architecture , Civil and Geodetic 54 processor building block of strategy S1 informatics system , state administration , informatics Engineering , Architecture and Mathematics 65 S1 policy Economic Analysis , Architecture , Economics manejemen , Civil Engineering , Economics accounting , law and international relations 106 Analysis of the field of national and international partnerships S1 English Literature 17 Analysis of informal businesses S1 state 2 Economics and Administration8 Analysis of the field of partnership agencies and local community center S1 Communication 29 Analysis of the field of non-profit initiatives S1 Law 110 Analysis and monitoring the budget S1 Civil Engineering 111 flats and houses Analyser policy tread S1 2 Architecture and Civil Engineering

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